Connection makes you healthier.

-When you become healthy, so do the people around you-

Led by Dr. Yoko Nakano (board-certified anesthesiologist, registered yoga teacher [E-RYT200] of the Yoga Alliance, and Accessible Yoga Ambassador) and Dr. Teruki Nakano (psychogeriatric specialist and Accessible Yoga Ambassador), MEDCAREYOGA combines pertinent expertise from the fields of medicine, care, and yoga with the goal of helping people improve their health.


MEDCAREYOGA supports community development as it travels to places like clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, day services, daycares, welfare institutions, and special schools to provide yoga instruction and health education to elderly and disabled people (and their caregivers) who are unable to visit a yoga studio.


Our approach isn’t just focused on individuals—the aim is to build communities through our activities and to help promote health in all the communities within our modern society that suffer from weak connections among their members.


Community connections as well as the safety and trust garnered from a yoga routine based on relevant knowledge about medicine and care will bring a tranquil body and mind.


In the future, we plan to train more instructors so that we can expand this network of connections not just throughout Japan but around the globe.

*Yoko Nakano, MD, E-RYT*


Dokkyo Medical Universiy 2007

Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists, Certified Anesthesiologist

Accessible Yoga Ambassador

LV Chair Yoga™ Teacher

*Teruki Nakano, MD, RYT*


Chiba University School of Medicine 2007

The Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology and Japanese Psychogeriatric Society board certified specialist

Accessible Yoga Ambassador