Yoga therapy

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “to unite, to join, to add.” But what exactly does it unite?


It unites the body, the mind, and the spirit.


Following is our own interpretation of yoga.


“Coordinating the mind and body, linking Western medicine and Complementary and Alternative medicine, and connecting people with each other.”


Of course, the main thing we want to connect is yourself to your true self.


Your true self—which you might not yet even be aware of—is sleeping deeply within the body and mind of the ordinary self.


Yoga therapy is not a form of treatment. It is a type of therapy in which we help you gaze within yourself and realize what is inside yourself; your thoughts, your body’s internal functions, etc, so that you can positively adjust your body and mind through the power that you already possess.


This is by no means a spiritual or religious concept.


There has been a movement in the United States and other countries to combine Western medicine with yoga therapy.


Why do you think yoga has been combined with Western medicine?


Because medicine cannot cure all maladies and illnesses.


It is true that there are many symptoms and ailments that can be treated effectively by merely taking medication.


At the same time, many people suffer from conditions that are difficult to put specific names on and that cannot be resolved through Western medicine alone.


Yoga therapy is a holistic approach that adjusts your entire body and gets your body and mind functioning as one.


We believe the yoga therapy we provide is meaningful—as physicians, we can ensure proper balance between Western medicine and Complementary and Alternative medicine, not to be too much dependent on either side.