Why we do this


The type of yoga that MEDCAREYOGA recommends isn’t limited to doing exercises on a mat.


Yoga was originally a holistic discipline that involved coordination of one’s diet, sleeping patterns, and daily mind-body balance. MEDCAREYOGA recommends a lifestyle that can develop a healthy body and mind based on accurate medical knowledge.


Due to a chronic declining birthrate and aging population, the number of people living in Japan’s super-aged society is decreasing every year. In addition, the creation of nuclear families which accompanied rapid economic growth has resulted in loneliness for many individuals who don’t belong to any sort of communities.


An increasing number of people have virtually no interaction with anyone outside of their family members, co-workers, and a few select friends. Lots of us are living our lives with feeble connections to the people around us.


Did you know that loneliness has a negative effect on your physical and mental state? Loneliness can trigger frailty and a variety of illnesses, further shortening our precious life spans.


Making connections with other people is one way to reduce or eliminate such loneliness. And improving loneliness will also help us rectify the decline in health that it causes as discussed above.


Epidemiological studies have proven that improving the health of an individual will make the entire communities to which they belong healthier.


As you get healthier, so do the other people in your communities. Conversely, your own health will improve as the health of those around you gets better.


Human connections are the key to good health.


How would you like to spend your golden years? I imagine that most people would like to spend their retirement happily surrounded by their family and friends.


But the reality is not so simple.

Even today, many people are living their lives with just a few social connections (which unbeknownst to them causes their health to decline).


• People who live alone and have almost no opportunities to talk to people outside of the workplace
– Widows and widowers who live alone and rarely leave home except to go shopping
– People who live only for their work and are unable to enjoy rich lives after compulsory retirement
– People who move into nursing homes and are rarely visited by their family members


The examples are endless.


Will you be able to enjoy your senior years in a society like this with such weak human connections?


These are the things we thought about every day as we diagnosed and treated the elderly.


Is this really the way things should be?


We certainly didn’t think so.


When we grow old, we hope that the world will have stronger and more meaningful connections among its inhabitants than the one we currently live in. That is one of our continuous thoughts.


But this sort of positive change is not something that will happen overnight.


People around the world are striving even now to make it a better place. Isn’t there something that we can do to improve the current situation, even if only a little bit?


With that question in mind, we decided to establish MEDCAREYOGA.


Creating the kind of society that we want for the future will lead everyone to be healthier—including ourselves.


Let’s team up and spread this cycle of health and happiness to the world!