Jivana Heyman
Founder and Director of Accessible Yoga

August 25, 2018, Yoko Nakano MEDCAREYOGA


Dear Yoko,
Thank you to MEDCAREYOGA for your ongoing support of Accessible Yoga, and for sharing our message with the people of Japan. We are committed to sharing yoga with everyone who has an interest in these ancient practices, which offer peace of mind and stress reduction to all. And we rely on our Accessible Yoga Ambassadors like you to spread our message all over the world to people who may not have access to yoga classes in studios and other traditional settings.
Thank you for all your service in the world, bringing yoga to everyone, regardless of ability or background. Wishing you much success as you continue to expand your work and touch the lives of more and more people.

Claire Cunneen
Owner Teacher of Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga AUSTRALIA



During the past few months, I have had the immense pleasure of getting to know Yoko Nakano as she completed our Chair Yoga Teacher Training certification course. Yoko took on our course as a way to broaden her skills, in order to be able to serve more of her community. She is a confident, intelligent and inspiring woman who is aspiring to do great things, along with her husband Teruki and their creation of MEDCAREYOGA. This fusion of their experience in Western Medicine combined with Yoko’s passion and knowledge of Yoga is leading the way to a more holistic way of healing for the people of Japan. Yoko and Teruki are both dedicated to creating positive change in Japan (and the world) through MEDCAREYOGA’s community based programs, which are using health and wellness programs, combined with social experiences to improve the lives and overall wellbeing of many. I hope to work with Yoko again in the future as she continues her vision to make health and happiness accessible and available for ALL people regardless of age, flexibility, mobility, or whatever challenge they are experiencing.