Connection makes you healthier -When you become healthy, so do the people around you-

We provide yoga for those who currently are unable to experience yoga due to a variety of factors, such as loneliness, social isolation, and lack of local adequate services, regardless of their disability status, differing levels of physical ability, and social circumstances, based on the idea “to make yoga more accessible”.

Frailty is a geriatric syndrome that occurs in late life and is characterized by a decline in physiological reserves that often results in functioning impairment, requisite long-term care, and eventual death.
In addition to physical problems, such as deteriorating strength and an increased risk of falling, the concept of frailty also includes psychiatric and psychological problems, such as cognitive impairment, depression, and anxiety, and social problems, such as social isolation and financial distress.
Frailty Yoga aims to remedy and prevent frailty through nutritional education, physical training, and the emotional support that communities provide.

Yoga therapy is not a form of treatment. It is a type of therapy in which we help you gaze within yourself and realize what is inside yourself; your thoughts, your body’s internal functions, etc, so that you can positively adjust your body and mind through the power that you already possess.
“Coordinating the mind and body, linking Western medicine and Complementary and Alternative medicine, and connecting people with each other”
This is by no means a spiritual or religious concept.
There are many symptoms and ailments that can be treated effectively by taking medication. At the same time, many people suffer from conditions that are difficult to put specific names on and that cannot be resolved through Western medicine alone.
That’s precisely why we believe the yoga therapy we provide as physicians is meaningful.


Thank you for all your service in the world, bringing yoga to everyone, regardless of ability or background. Wishing you much success as you continue to expand your work and touch the lives of more and more people.

Yoko is a confident, intelligent and inspiring woman who is aspiring to do great things, along with her husband Teruki and their creation of MEDCAREYOGA.